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J-mab Therapeutics, Inc.

In the era of 100-year life and a one in two chance of developing cancer, the conquest of cancer will be the biggest issue facing our generation. Nowadays there are many search strategies for drug discovery in cancer treatment. Although it is not clear which strategies are best suited for methodology, the most critical thing is whether cancer cells can be surely killed or controlled by the drugs.
Once proven to be effective, the drugs should also be investigated for safety and productivity. The recent advances in pharmaceutical sciences, however, will allow us to avoid or overcome adverse effects and achieve high productivity. Whatever the case may be, we believe that the effectiveness of the drugs against cancer is the most important issues.

Like many other people, I was very surprised and impressed by the photos in which the antibodies killed cancer cells by making a large hole within 30 minutes.
Dr. Matsuoka’s approach to develop these antibodies is unique and totally different from others. We also hope that such antibodies have synergistic effects with approved or developing drugs.

We wish such antibodies will be approved as pharmaceuticals and smoothly delivered to cancer patients who have not yet received effective treatments.
We are very glad to establish a joint research course at Juntendo University starting from spring 2021.
In the future, we would like to provide attractive antibody drug candidates to meet the demands of patients.


J-mab Therapeutics, Inc.
President   Yoshinobu Okada


Company name
J-mab Therapeutics,Inc.
9th February, 2017
4,550,000 yen
Yoshinobu Okada
1-12-10, Naka-cho, Musashino-city, Tokyo, 180-0006, Japan
Research, Development and Sales for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

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